• A vast majority of folks ironically find the S3

  • Frontier to be the sportiest of the bunch

  • Gear S3 appears to perform much better than S2

  • Some visual changes may be experienced as well, albeit minor


We kick start with the variants. The Gear S3's two variants were named, 'Gear S3 Classic' and 'Gear S3 Frontier', while Gear S2's (also two) were named 'Gear S2 Classic' and 'Gear S2 Basic'.


Of the two models, the biggest, appears to be the Gear S3, with a 46mm size, it may not fit the small-wrists folks. They (Small-wrist folks), however, remain covered, as it appears that the Samsung Gear S2, was developed with them in mind; a smaller wrist size of 20mm.


While S3, can be perceived as a watch appropriate for a dress (owing to its leather strap), the S2, took more of the sports-watch look; of course, owing to the sporty looking plastic curves.


Garage Door Openers- The DIP Switch VS Rolling Code

01On the surface, it appears simple: By the simple click of a button, your home garage door is opened, and you drive into the garage. No need to alight your car at any point in time, until of course, you are well parked in the garage. The garage door unit is typically called, the receiver. For a seamless operation however, the switches in both units must be set with the same switch arrangement combination, else, the entire utility won’t work correctly. The smaller switches can be arranged in any out of the 256 possible combinations, within the remote control.

03The invention of a garage door opener brought joy and comfort to everyone, more so, when it came down to being an affordable home accessory for everybody. Not so surprising, most folks are not quite certain of its working principle, some don’t even know at all. The remote controlled garage door opener basically operates by incorporating any of the two known working technologies. For each time it is engaged, a new code is generated. A click of your remote, and a code is sent out to meet a matching code on the receiver.


The DIP switch, being the first to be invented of the two technologies, was invented out of a necessity to curb the uprising home security breaches at that time- the 1950s. You see, garage door opener had just been invented, and almost everyone was embracing it. But it worked with a primitive technology, lying on the principle that all garage door openers should work with a single type of radio signal. The switches are then connected on a circuitry within the remote control. The smaller switches can be arranged in any out of the 256 possible combinations, within the remote control.The switches are then connected on a circuitry within the remote control.

02This meant that, everyone having a garage door opener had the same radio signal embedded in it, and anyone of them can access the other’s garage using his/her own garage opener. A major security downside! Of course, this lead to series of home security breaches. Then, along came the DIP switches, saving the day!The DIP switch basically, is a collection of other smaller switches.

04That’s a lot of possible combinations; difficult for anyone to guess a specific combo. Security is revamped! Now, the DIP switch is then included in both remote control units of the entire garage door opening utility; that is, garage door itself and garage door opener.

06Rolling code, a computer technology, was also invented in a bid to enforce more security measures in homes with a garage. Being a computer technology was basically implied from the fact that, the rolling code technology is actually a computer chip. And like the DIP Switch, the chip is embedded in both the remote control and the garage door (the receiver). In the simplest of terms, the rolling code works by generating codes.



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